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AAREX4617A Telephone style handset is ergonomically designed to be easy to hold
AARMN4025 Provides basic push-to-talk functionality
AARMN4026 Provides full numeric keypad and three programmable buttons
AARMN4027 Visor microphone designed for use with external Push-to-Talk accessories
AARMN4038 Heavy-duty microphone
HKN1018 Hang up handset with normal armored cable (old style)
HLN1457A Handset with hang up cup
HLN1457A Handset with hang up cup
HLN5391 Spare Microphone Hang Up Clip
HLN9073 In-vehicle microphone hang-up clip
HLN9414 Universal hang-up clip is compatible with all Motorola microphones. No installation required
HMN1037B Non-Backlit Touch Code Microphone with Hang Up Clip
HMN1079 Water Resistant Palm Microphone
HMN1079 Water Resistant Palm Microphone
HMN1089 Water-resistant palm microphone with push-to-talk functionality
HMN1090 Palm microphone with push-to-talk functionality
HMN4079 Full keypad microphone with push-to-talk functionality
HMN4097 Telephone handset with keypad and hang-up cup
HMN4098 IMPRES telephone-style handset is ergonomically-designed, easy to hold and includes cup and hardware
PMKN4033 This is a 10-foot mobile microphone extension cable
PMKN4034 20-foot mobile microphone extension cable
PMKN4034 20-foot mobile microphone extension cable
PMKN4093 2-foot mobile microphone extension cable
PMMN4089 Keypad Microphone
PMMN4091 Heavy-duty palm microphone with a 10.5-foot coil cord
PMMN4097 Mobile Microphone with Bluetooth Gateway
PMMN4098A Convenient desktop microphone option for control station users
RLN4836 Emergency foot switch sends a signal to the base station and activates the microphone
RLN4856 Foot switch with Push-to-Talk that mounts to the vehicle floor
RLN4857 Push Button PTT
RMN5050 Convenient desktop microphone option for control station users
RMN5052 Standard compact microphone provides basic push-to-talk functionality
RMN5053 Heavy-duty IMPRES microphone for users who want more durability and enhanced audio
RMN5054 IMPRES microphone mounts to vehicle visors for convenient hands-free radio operation and safety
RMN5065 IMPRES microphone includes a full keypad and three shortcut buttons to easily navigate mobile functions
RMN5068A Black desktop microphone for use with the CDM control station for two-way radios
RMN5070 Desktop microphone
RMN5127 IMPRES keypad microphone includes a four-way navigation button for XPR 5550

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