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1-wire Receive-only Earpieces PMLN6125, PMLN6126
1-wire Receive-only Earpieces, Standard Earphone BDN6664, BDN6666, BDN6726
1-wire Receive-only Earpieces, Volume Control, Earloop BDN6728, BDN6783
1-wire Receive-only Surveillance Kits RLN5313, RLN5314
2-wire Surveillance Kits RLN5315, RLN5318
3-wire Surveillance Kits BDN6668, BDN6670, BDN6730
5080370E97 Replacement standard clear rubber eartips. Pack of 25. For RLN6232A/RLN6241A
BDN6668 Beige 3-wire surveillance kit
BDN6727 Extra loud receive-only earpiece with standard earphone (1-wire) for incoming communication in noisy environments
BDN6729A Earpiece with Microphone and Push-to-Talk Combined (2-Wire), Black
Earpieces, Left Ear RLN4763, RLN4764, RLN4765
Earpieces, Right Ear RLN4760, RLN4761, RLN4762
HKLN4478 Replacement transparent tube for the HKLN4477 Surveillance Earpiece.
HKLN4487 Single wire surveillance earpiece
HKLN4601 Surveillance Kit with In-Line Microphone and Push-to-Talk
HMN8435 Earbud with Clip Microphone and Push-to-Talk, Black
NNTN7869 APX Surveillance Keyload Adapter
NNTN8459 Single-wire surveillance kit with inline microphone and Push-to-Talk (PTT).
NTN8613 Surveillance Keyload Adapter
PMLN4606 This is a 2-wire surveillance kit with clear acoustic tube.
PMLN5724 2-Wire Surveillance Kit with translucent tube, Black
PMLN6123 IMPRES 3-wire black surveillance kit.
PMLN6124 IMPRES 3-wire beige surveillance kit with a translucent tube enables exceptionally discreet communication.
PMLN6127 IMPRES 2-wire black surveillance kit allows the user to both transmit and receive discreet communications.
PMLN6128 IMPRES 2-wire beige surveillance kit allows the user to both transmit and receive discreet communications.
PMLN6129 IMPRES Two-wire Surveillance Kit, Black
PMLN6445 2-Wire Surveillance Kit (Beige)
PMLN6530 2-Wire Surveillance Kit
PMLN6536 2-Wire Surveillance Kit with quick disconnect translucent tube, black.
PMLN7052 Mission Critical single-wire surveillance kit with inline microphone.
PMLN7157 Two-wire surveillance kit.
PMLN7158 Single-wire surveillance kit with in-line microphone and PTT.